Who we are
A partner in life support and resuscitation training.
Recruiting now for our new resuscitation service in the West Midlands.
To support the provision of resuscitation training to our clients in the region, we have several vacancies available.
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How we behave
We take a flexible approach to programme design but are unwavering on standards.
Why it matters
So that clinicians feel equipped and supported in real-life emergencies – not just in the classroom.
What we offer
Training programmes designed and delivered to meet your specific needs.

Founded and run by clinicians since 2006 with the aim of ensuring learning is relevant and delivered by experienced instructors, who are subject matter experts and have lived experience.

A to E Training is a partner in life support and resuscitation training. We design and deliver programmes to meet your specific needs, taking a flexible approach to design but remaining unwavering on standards. That way, clinicians feel equipped and supported in real-life emergencies – not just in the classroom. A to E Training has grown over the last 16 years to a large team of qualified trainers with lived experience in Life Support and Resuscitation across a multitude of sectors and situations.

We take a consultative and creative approach to every client

We know, from experience, that no two life support situations are the same – so why would your training be?

We take a consultative and creative approach; listening, understanding and challenging the preconceived parameters in which training has traditionally been delivered.

Creating a safe and compliant container, unique to you, in which your people can best learn, practise and demonstrate life saving techniques.

Designing a training programme which befits the highest standard of front-line care and gives your people the confidence to save a life.

The first few moments after any medical incident are crucial

We are clinician-led, we have lived experience and continue to practise. We know what it feels like to save a life, and we know the panic that can surround our clients when a situation occurs. That’s why we don’t just prepare them to pass an exam – we prepare them for the life experiences they will go on to have in life support and resuscitation. We can intersperse our caregiver with facts which reassures them that we not only care – but we know. We are a safe and practised pair of hands that they can rely on.

Flexible training, unwavering standards

You're in good company

Equipment Solutions

We are pleased to be able to provide equipment solutions for our clients and work in partnership with some of the largest medical device and technology companies to supply defibrillators, resuscitation trolleys and resuscitation clinical supplies.

Venue Hire

Our training rooms are purpose-built to provide a focused environment away from daily distractions.  Conveniently located a short walk from Archway underground station, our venue has great access to major transport links, food establishments and hotels – and you can rely on our onsite support and hospitality.