About us

A to E Training & Solutions Ltd was founded by three colleagues (nurse, paramedic, and doctor) who were active in the health service and who saw a gap in the provision of emergency life support and medical emergencies training. This field is not regulated and it is clear that there was a wide range of providers in the market delivering training of various quality. We have now developed the company and are providing a range of training programmes and emergency life support infrastructure. Our clients include NHS hospitals; private clinics; general and dental practitioners; office environments and most recently overseas provision.

Our Mission

The business ethos is to provide training using recognised teaching methodology for life support training with instructors who are still clinically credible.

How We Operate

The premise of our training is to equip all sectors of the community with the correct knowledge to make a real difference and possibly save a life. We are extremely excited about our work in the developing world where there is a severe lack of resource and training.

Not many companies can truly say that their work directly saves lives.

Committment of Our Services

We provide year long customer service, not just a once of year training session. Every customer will have access to our members only area where they can download the latest Resuscitation Updates and News, posters etc – We are a resource as well as a provider of training.

Your Training Team

Chris is responsible for the overall strategic management of the business and supports the operational work of the senior management team however wherever the demands of his role allow he still likes to be involved in the direct delivery of training programmes. His responsibilities as managing director include policy development, finance, contract management and IT.


Chris Kurt-Gabel

Founder and Executive Chair