Difference between drilling and training in the medical education

Over the past few days I have been increasingly engaged sector dialogue about the difference between drilling and training in the medical education. We talk a lot about resuscitation training when we often mix the two together to get the same output. I would presume that it is probably helpful to define the two – […]

16th of October- Restart A Heart Day

Restart A Heart Day was founded with the support of the European Parliament and takes place on the 16th of October every year. Without CPR, the chances of surviving cardiac arrest are zero. CPR is a vital lifesaving skill and using it doubles the chance of a person surviving a cardiac arrest if the person in front […]

Musings on the European Resuscitation Council Conference 2022

The ERC Conference was held at Antwerp, Belgium on June 16 and 17, 2022. This was the first hybrid conference for the ERC and it was also the first resuscitation congress that I have attended. Although I did not know what to expect from the conference initially, I am certain that it was one of […]

Practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues

Our training will provide you with the main steps you can take as a workplace mental health first aider to support someone at risk. Our course is designed to increase the knowledge, skills, and confidence to proactively support and develop a positive approach to mental health in the workplace. Mental health charity, MIND found that […]

A to E win a 3-year contract to support resuscitation services for Black Country Healthcare

We are delighted to announce we have been successfully awarded a three-year contract to support resuscitation services for Black Country Healthcare health trust situated in the West Midlands. Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust was formed on 1 April 2020, after NHS England and NHS Improvement approved the merger of Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation […]

CPR training helped me save a life

You never know when you might need to help someone who is having trouble breathing or who has gone into cardiac arrest. Whilst it is can be scary when faced with a real-life situation, as I encounter a few years back. Remembering the training allowed me to stay calm and carry out CPR until emergency […]

Aspiration Pneumonia

Definition: The aspiration of oropharyngeal/gastrointestinal contents into the lungs causing inflammation and subsequent bacterial infection.   Cause: Micro-aspiration is believed to occur in many healthy adults without resulting in infection. However, when the swallow or cough reflex is compromised an increased volume of aspirate may lead to inflammation and damage to lung tissue. This allows […]

Newborn Life Support (NLS) Available

We are extremely pleased to have been granted NLS course centre status by the Resuscitation Council UK In complement to our existing provision of advanced courses (eALS, ALS, EPALS, and the GIC), this is a must for all healthcare professionals who are involved in the delivery and care of the newborn. The NLS course is […]

Anaphylaxis: Symptoms ,Causes, Treatment

Definition: Anaphylaxis is an acute, potentially life-threatening condition resulting from the sudden release of mast cell- and basophil-derived mediators into the circulation. Anaphylaxis is generally caused by foods or medications for which a cause can be identified. However, it can also be triggered by anything that can directly or indirectly activate mast cells or basophil. […]