EPALS – Recertification course (RCUK)

Recertification training for multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals in the early recognition of paediatric respiratory or circulatory failure and the development of the knowledge and core skills required to prevent further deterioration towards respiratory or cardiorespiratory arrest.

Prevention & Management of Violence & Aggression (PMVA)

Focused on understanding, capacity and building confidence, this essential and comprehensive training, delivered by accredited trainers, is designed to reduce the risks and outcomes of challenging behaviour, violence and aggression. Through theory and skills rehearsal, to effectively recognise, mitigate and manage violence and aggression. Course content has been developed in line with the GSA (General […]

Breakaway Training

This training, led by General Services Association (GSA) accredited instructors, will enable ‘at risk’ staff to protect themselves from potential harm. Through theory and skills rehearsal, this invaluable session provides the knowledge and a range of simple, yet effective skills to build understanding and confidence to support safe disengage from violent situations. By the end […]

Load Handling (Level 1) – online

This online course covers provides a comprehensive overview of moving and handling of loads and setting up your workstation. The content is mapped to level 1 of the core skills training framework (CSTF).

Online Paediatric Basic Life Support

An online course providing a comprehensive overview of the theory of Paediatric Basic Life Support. The content is mapped to level 1 and 2 of the core skills training framework (CSTF).