Child Protection Level 1 

The course gives students an overview of safeguarding with a focus on children. At the end of the course students will be able to identify children who are potentially showing signs of being at risk and know how to report this. This Level 1 Safeguarding Children course provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to safeguard children. It describes the common types of abuse, how to recognise them, and how to respond to your concerns. It also explains how to correctly report your concerns.

Venepuncture and Cannulation

The aim of the course is to explore the concepts of venepuncture and cannulation including the indications, complications and the management of patients undergoing these procedures.

Clinical incident debrief training

This half day interactive workshop for senior staff; team leaders; and duty managers, those who would be required, as part of their role, to provide a post cardiac arrest / medical emergency debrief.

Conflict Resolution

Staff should feel safe in their working environments. Violent behaviour not only affects them personally but indirectly it has a negative impact upon the standard of service and the delivery of patient care.

Load Handling- Level one 

This course is intended to give students an overview of the risks of load handling and how to reduce them.