Amanda Boggust, BSc, RSCN, flies into Gibraltar on an important mission...

Group photo of trainer and neonatal team from GHA
In December 2023 a team of six A to E professionals from the UK arrived in Gibraltar to facilitate and teach and the programmes for the clinical staff from the GHA.

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory and headland, on Spain’s south coast. It is dominated by the Rock of Gibraltar which is home to a large number Barbary monkeys.

Gibraltar’s population of approximately 40,000 is served by one main hospital, St. Bernard’s Hospital. It provides a range of healthcare services for both residents and the many tourists who visit Gibraltar each year.

The Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) commissioned the expertise of A to E Training Solutions to provide neonatal training and development programmes for doctors, nurses, midwives, and paramedics, working at St. Bernard’s Hospital.

The team of A to E healthcare professionals was created to meet the specific needs of GHA and included experienced NLS instructors, senior neonatal nurses and consultants.

The team facilitated two different training courses for participants over a six-day period. Each course was repeated twice enabling a wide range of staff from the GHA to attend.

The aim of both courses was to enhance the knowledge and skills of staff who provide care to neonatal patients and to provide practical experience of using emergency life-saving equipment.

Course 1 – The Stabilisation and Transfer of Neonates Course

This was a 2-day course which was developed and lead, by a senior neonatal advanced nurse practitioner and a senior paediatric consultant.

It included lectures, simulations and essential ‘hands on’ practical opportunities for the staff, including setting up CFM, CPAP and using transfer equipment.

Course 2 – The Resuscitation Council UK’s national NLS Course

This was a 1-day course facilitated by experienced NLS instructors and included teaching and supporting staff to enhance their ability to resuscitate and treat neonates.

This course is an essential component of the on-going continuing professional development for doctors, nurses and midwives who care for neonates.

Positive feedback

Participants on the course said, ‘they were delighted to be able to attend the course, as it had given them more confidence when dealing with seriously ill neonates.’


They also stated that ‘fortunately they only see a small number of very sick babies at St Bernard’s Hospital, but that makes the course even important to enable them to keep up to date with their practical skills, are well as learning about new guidelines’.

The trainers from the UK enjoyed working with the GHA staff and look forward to continuing to support them in the future.

Amanda Boggust, BSc, RSCN, Resuscitation Training Instructor